Bruges, Damme and Flanders in Belgium

Bruges’ main square, bordered by medieval buildings, dominated by a bell tower and populated by horse-drawn carriages, is one of Europe’s most beautiful squares. This is the commercial heart of the city centre and where all day’s sightseeing tend to begin and end. Brugges is easily accessible on foot or one of the many bicycles, Our B and B gave us bikes for the day so we could ride along the canals to the north…

Cruising by boat

As seen in the movie "In Brugges"

Marcelline, Gabriela and us

NO Canadian should ever miss the Flanders Tour…

Brooding Soldier at Vancouver Corner in Flanders


While here we signed the Remembrance Book and I left a poppy in remembrance of my grandfather who had been gassed while serving in WWI…it was an emotional moment.

End of the Damme Road...right or left???

Tomorrows will be the last installment as we reach Amsterdam and travel north to Friesland…..


~ by reg45 on December 1, 2010.

One Response to “Bruges, Damme and Flanders in Belgium”

  1. Joe and I took a driving trip of Europe in 1971. We went past Brugges because our tour book didn’t recommend any specific highlights. I can see from your pictures that we missed a beautiful city

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